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       620A FastTRAC Programmer/Controller 
            Channel 1 Input Type TC* RTD* LIN  RHV ALT
            Channel 2 Input Type TC* RTD* LIN  RHV ALT
           IEEE488 Interface option
           *RTD/TC, TC/RTD Input Type combinations are not available.


        A2320 8-Event SSR Board (w/out relays)  (620A/600A)

                     A2225 Board must be version 1D or higher.
        A2388 8-Event/Alarm Relay Board (w/out relays)(6xxA)

                     A2225 Board must be version 1D or higher.
        120 VAC 4 amp. Solid-State Relays for A2320 and  A2192

        60 VDC 3 amp. Solid-State Relays  for A2320 and  A2192
        Mechanical DPDT Relays                for A2388
        A2192 Chamber Enhancer (w/out relays)  Specify configuration desired below.

               -CMTO Standard Configuration (JC Systems controller)

               -CHMTO Optional Configuration (JC Systems controller)

               -M384 Optional Configuration (Micristar controller only)

        A2298 Single-Loop Fast Analog Output Board
        A2336 Dual-Loop Fast Analog Output Board
        A2295-1 19" Rack Mounting Adaptor Plate
        M355 Linear Input Attenuator (for older 600 & 620's)

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