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Founded in 1973, JC Systems, Inc. is one of the industry's leading manufacturers of precision, programmable environmental chamber controllers for humidity, altitude and temperature applications. The company also provides easy-to-use software and IEEE interfaces for a full environmental chamber and stress screening system solution.

JC Systems began as an OEM manufacturer of automated controls for IC handlers, but expanded operations in 1984 to include digital temperature control equipment. The company's current customer base includes an equal percentage of OEMs and end users, chiefly aerospace/defense contractors, environmental chamber suppliers, independent test laboratories, and environmental chamber maintenance and service groups. JC Systems' leadership position is based on technical innovation, customer support, and the superior performance value that its products offer customers like EMC, Texas Instruments, Sun Microsystems, Raytheon, Hewlett Packard, Allied Signal, and others in solving their product needs.

JC Systems designs and manufactures all of its own equipment, and provides easy replacement and upgrade paths as new system features and capabilities are developed. Unlike many competitors that discontinue or no longer support their products, JC Systems considers upward compatibility an important factor in all new products.

JC Systems' instruments include the Model 620A FastTRAC® environmental chamber programmer/controller. The "A" version updates the company's popular 600 and 620 Series controllers. The improved 620A includes their patented FastTRAC® thermal response accelerating control technique, which increases test chamber throughput by rapidly accelerating the test portion to programmed soak temperatures while also guarding against potentially damaging thermal stress levels. This technique virtually eliminates the need for time-consuming pre-test chamber characterization.

JC Systems was founded and is staffed by experienced engineering and technical sales professionals, whose decades of cumulative analog and digital data expertise have led to a very high degree of product reliability and customer satisfaction.

These traditions continue with the acquisition of the JC Systems 600/620(A) product line from Ideal Aerosmith by TMC Services, Inc.  The JC Systems 620(A) product line is a fine addition to TMC’s Micristar industrial controller line.  The Micristar and 620(A) lines will continue to be manufactured and supported.


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