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Chamber Enhancer with SPLIT BAND SMART™ Staging used exclusively for Micristar controller cycle times of 1.5 to 2.2 seconds (relays not included)

The Typical time delay approach to staging deprives chamber of sufficient controllable power output for certain operating conditions, but the new A2192 Chamber Enhancer utilizes the SPLIT BAND SMART™ Staging approach which provides 100% controllable power output for all operating conditions by providing a smooth linear transition from 0 to 100% Hi output power for each controller output cycle. Other key features include:

  • Simplifies setup of chambers with multiple stages of heating/cooling
  • Hi Heat & Hi Cool power ratio enable action.  Hi Heat/Cool are enabled based on the ratio (%) the Lo Heat/Cool contributes to the total output.
  • Smooth linear transition of Hi output.  Provides a smooth linear transition from the Lo to Hi output stages.
  • Eliminates discontinuity seen in time delay staging.  There are no uncontrollable power transitions of the Hi Cool or Heat when the controller demand transitions from less than 100% to 100% output demand.
  • MTO (compressor time-out).  Fixed at 3 minutes
  • MTO Action Provided. 

-CMTO: (PROM -027): Used on systems with independent cooling and De-humidify compressors (Cool Machine Time Out).  Independent MTO outputs provided.  The MTO is started whenever a cool signal (TB1-3) is received.

Ext. de-humidify MTO is started whenever a signal is received on TB3-2, TB3-3 logic output and TB3-4 +5vdc are for SSR connection.

  • Selectable bypass for Lo or Hi Cool.  Lo/Hi Cool Bypass Select Jumper - On for Lo Cool, Off for Hi Cool Bypass output is automatically disabled when the MTO times out.
  • Eight socketed locations.  AC or DC plug-in solid state relays (SSR) for control and staging outputs
  • Independent second channel input/outputs on TB3.
  • Snap track mounted, with optional SSRs.
  • Mounting dimensions 3" x 12".
  • Upgrade existing A2192 boards with a simple MIS027 PROM change.

Relay information available here.

Reference the A2192-M384 Brochure on the Downloads page.

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