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Linear Input Attenuator


M355-1 and -2 are not needed with the 600A or 620A as the voltage division necessary for linear and voltage inputs are built into to those instruments.  

These are for the older 600's and 620's (not 600A and 620A) instruments.

M355-1 (Single Input)

M355-2 (Dual Input)

The M355 voltage divider is used to convert current or voltage inputs to signal levels compatible with the Model 620/600 thermocouple inputs.

The input voltage or current input to the controller (0-5vdc, 0-10vdc, 4-20mA, etc.) must be specified. The appropriate M355 board must be used for corresponding applications.

The correct input for CH1 and CH2 must be specified when a M355-2 is ordered.

Externally mounted to the controller input, the M355 provides a convenient method of changing from TC to linear inputs.

A Model 620/600 (or 620A/600A) with RTD inputs cannot be converted using the M355.

Reference user information is available on the Downloads page.

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