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8-Event SSR Board (relays not included)

NOTE:  The controller's interface board (600 or 620) must be rev._1D or later (A2225_1D for example) for this accessory to be used.  Earlier versions do not have the necessary 10-pin ribbon cable headers.   The A2225 interface board is on the back of the controller.  The version number can be found on the connector side of the board in the open area between the standoff's). Contact TMC Services for options if your A2225 board doesn't have the correct connectors.

Provides 8 locations for plug-in Solid State Relays (AC and/or DC). Each location has an LED indicator and fused SSR output. Connects to one of three output ribbon cable headers on the Model 620A/600A.

J01-The eight control outputs (620A/600A)
J02-Event 1-8 and                 (620A/600A)
J03-Events A-H                     (620A/600A)

1 to 3 A2320 modules can be used with a 620A/600A.
Board mounted in snap-in plastic mounting track.

Relay information available here. 

Mounting Dimensions:  3" x 8" (CCA dimensions:  2 3/4" x 6 3/8")

Reference the datasheet on the Downloads page.

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