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Dual Fast Analog/Dual Sync

Provides two fast digital to analog (4-20mA or 0-16mA) outputs from Loop 1 of the Model 620A/600A. Loop 1 can be configured for dual (Reverse and Direct) action from either CH1 or CH2.

Ribbon cable interface to model 620A. The cable length between the A2336 board and each Model 620A/600A should not exceed 10 feet. Proper shielding techniques should be used.

115vac, 25 watts power required. Only one A2336 can be interfaced to each Model 620A/600A. Board-mounted in snap-in plastic mounting track.

The A2336 is also used to synchronize two 620A/600As. Each 620A/600A connects to the A2336 via two ribbon cables.

Mounting Dimensions:  3" x 12" (CCA dimensions:  2 3/4" x 11")

Reference the A2336 manual on the Downloads page.

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