Model 620A FastTRAC
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Model 620A FastTRAC® Programmer/Controller for Environmental Chambers.

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ToolBOX Software
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  • Complete Single or Dual-Channel Chamber Control System
  • New, Faster Microprocessor
  • Conventional and FastTRAC Thermal Response Accelerating Control Models
  • Vacuum Fluorescent Front-Panel Display with EMI Shield
  • Simple Front-Panel Setup and Operation
  • Easy Direct Calibration Capabilities for all Input Types
  • JC Systems Quality and Performance
  • JC Systems ToolBOX™ Windows-Based Utility Software (Optional)
  • Built-In Compensation Tables for HMM30C (%RH Sensor) and PX41TO-015AI & -020AI, PXK2-015AI & -020AI (Altitude Sensors)
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • One Year Warranty

The JC Systems family of Precision Environmental Chamber Programmer/Controllers puts it all together for you: upward compatibility, configuration flexibility, ease of operation, convenient packaging plus the dedication to performance, reliability and service you've come to expect from JC Systems - the leader in chamber control innovation.

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