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Model 620A FastTRAC Programmer / Controllers for Environmental Chambers

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The JC Systems family of Environmental Chamber Programmer/Controllers puts it all together for you: upward compatibility, configuration flexibility, ease of operation, convenient packaging plus the dedication to performance, reliability and service you've come to expect from JC Systems - the leader in chamber control innovation.

Upward Compatible and Flexible

Unlike many of our competitors' product lines that have either been discontinued or are no longer supported, JC Systems products continue to improve and remain compatible with previous models.

While maintaining 100% compatibility with the older 620 FastTRAC, the 620A FastTRAC programmer / controller can be used to replace other manufacturers' discontinued or unsupported units with little effort.

Dual-Channel Programmer / Controller

JC Systems controllers offer the complete solution for temperature, humidity, altitude, and other control functions with two fully independent controller channels plus a 99 program/200 step/16 event setpoint programmer.

Each controller channel is equipped with two sets of dual, independently tuned, event-selected PID+™ control parameters.

Each control channel has dual time-proportioned (heat and cool) outputs. Programmer/controller reconfiguration is as simple as making a few keypad entries or sending a file from the computer.

FastTRAC® Control

Thermal Response Accelerating Control (FastTRAC) is a patented part temperature control technique and a standard feature of the Model 620A. FastTRAC control can improve test chamber throughput performance by 100% or more by rapidly accelerating the part under test to programmed soak temperatures while simultaneously guarding against potentially damaging levels of thermal stress. (click here for more details)

PID+™ Control

Each channel of the Model 620A FastTRAC comes equipped with two completely independent sets of PID+ control. Each controller channel provides dual, time-proportional outputs, guaranteed soak, and tracking deviation alarms programmable for each step of the setpoint program.

Two linear outputs are provided, and each may be assigned to either control channel and used to retransmit the setpoint or process value.

Two-Stage PID Settings

Each controller channel is equipped with a second completely independent set of event-selected PID settings. These settings can be used to assure optimum performance when the same channel is used for either humidity or altitude control.

Powerful Programmer

The Model 620A FastTRAC have a 200 step/16 event setpoint programmer that can control the operation of one or both controller channels. The programming is enhanced with the faster microprocessor on the new CPU board of the 620A FastTRAC.

Additional features include high and low process limits, MTO (machine time out), guaranteed soak and soft-start.

Thermocouple, RTD or Linear Inputs

Every controller comes equipped to handle thermocouple or linear inputs. Inputs are temperature-compensated, and transducer linearization and compensation is provided for all standard thermocouples (see detailed specifications guide for wet bulb/dry bulb or linear direct % RH).

Dual constant-current sources for each RTD input are provided to compensate for temperature effects on lead length in 3-wire type systems.

Computer Communications

RS232 is provided as a standard interface. RS422 serial communications is standard on the Model 620A FastTRAC. The IEEE-488 interface is an available option.

Simple front panel selections define baud rate, data structure and address. Nearly every operation that can be performed from the front panel can also be executed via the computer interface using simple 3-character mnemonic commands. PID settings can be adjusted "on-the-fly" under computer control.

RSR (Remote Soak Ramp)

Any new program downloaded or selected from the "In Unit Memory" will always start from the unit's last valid programmed setpoint. This feature allows great flexibility in designing and running environmental tests.

Half DIN - Fully JC

The Model 620A FastTRAC package is industry standard 1/2-DIN in size and meets tough JC Systems standards for ease of installation, setup and operation. Plus you'll find quality design touches such as a gold-plated keypad with stainless steel high-tactile feel snap-action dome switches, new vacuum fluorescent display, new front panel internal EMI shield, gold-plated gas-tight connectors, and shock-mounted printed circuit boards.

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