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ToolBOX™  Windows-Based Application Program

The JC Systems ToolBOX application program (developed under National Instruments' LabVIEW for Windows) runs under Windows XP, 7, and 10.  It provides a powerful operational computer interface for 620A FastTRAC and 600A models.  

Both Serial and GPIB versions are included.  GPIB requires National Instruments GPIB Card or USB interface.   Download the ToolBOX Manual from our downloads page to review features.  Key features of this powerful, ready-to-use Windows-based operator/computer interface are:

  • Program Editor Features
  • Create new or edit existing program files (access-code protected)
  • View stored program files (no access-code required)
  • Generate and view a program in a table format; Edit, insert, or delete steps from the profile, or make changes to individual items of any step
  • Display program profile as setpoint vs. step number in graphical or table format
  • Make immediate changes to any step of any program in the unit's memory (in Unit Memory Editor). View and/or print the program table of any stored program

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Remote Operation

  • Run, hold, or reset the current program of the unit
  • Select a new program and step for the unit to run
  • Change Current value-temporary change (one time) of current running step value(s)
  • Computer control of Manual Mode operation (Direct setpoint and event entry)
  • In addition to remote operation of Model 620A FastTRAC, the ToolBOX allows for creating, viewing and printing of program tables, PID tuning parameters, programmer/controller configurations, and the real time monitoring and data logging to spreadsheet files.

Disk Storage and Retrieval

  • Autochecks for correct configuration match when sending a program file to the unit
  • View and/or modify programmer and controller configuration parameters

View Graph/Datalog Current Conditions

  • Alphanumeric and graphic display of real time current conditions
  • Datalog selected unit(s) to a hard drive in spreadsheet format (datalog intervals 5 to 360 seconds)
  • Data Log Dump; Copies running datalog file (up to the last reading) to a Data Log file in the ToolBox folder without interfering with the program operation.

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PID Tuning and Configuration

  • View and make on-the-fly adjustments of the unit's PID settings and configurations
  • Store/restore the unit's PID settings and configurations to/from a file
  • Visual tuning aid significantly reduces time to tune chambers; graphically observe the controller's internal action during the tuning process
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